Results 2020

Brightlingsea Jog Walk Run 2020 is being run using a Time Trial Format between 5 and 13 September because of the need for social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Participants are asked to record their own times and we add results as we receive them. Please email your results and any photos to

NameElapsed Time
Dave Quinney – 2nd run0:30:10
Dave Quinney – 1st run0:31:22
Neil Wotlon-Harragan (Clacton Sea Front Runners)0:31:24
Benjamin Ficken and Janice the dog0:33:43
Stuart Phillips (Clacton Sea Front Runners)0:33:47
Josh Betteridge0:35:26
Steve Cowen (Running Colchester)0:36:08
Bev Hunter0:39:44
William Crane (Junior Runner)0:39:46
Steven Crane0:39:52
Paula Hunter0:40:00
Peter Reilly0:41:35
Charlotte Wombwell0:45:49
Mandy Wombwell0:46:06
Alix Sheppard0:47:49
Victoria Webb-Butler0:47:49
Richard Newman – 3rd lap (making it a half marathon!)0:45:19
Richard Newman – 2nd lap0:49:46
Richard Newman – 1st lap0:53:33
Imogen Maytum1:02:00
Katie F1:14:00
Liz J 1:14:00
Melanie Veares1:15:00
Jenny Elsey1:15:00
Lin Burton (DDMIX)1:20:00
Katie Caplehorn-Hare (DDMIX) 1:20:00
Diane Dias (DDMIX) 1:20:00
Nathan Baroni1:20:11
Shirley Stollery 1:30:00
Hilary Drake 1:31:00
Keith Brownlie 1:40:00
Carol Brownlie 1:40:00
Fiona Brownlie1:40:00
Donny Gleed 1:48:00
Angie Harris 1:48:00
Fiona Brown 1:57:00
Barbara Grimwood (walking in stages due to disability)5 days
Alice Davies (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day
Jon Newson (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day
Christine Newson (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day
Norman Borstel (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day
Pat Borstel (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day 
Fiona Brown (supporting Barbara Grimwood)1 day